Time to do…

The first trimester is ending and now it’s time to do a reflection about tour work. Usually it what I do. This year I start to work in a new school, a School called IPE (Instituto dos Pupilos do Exército). My students have 9 – 11 years old and I was challanged to do a different work on Math class with them. For me, it was a continuos learning and relearning process but now I can see results getting better.
I had many challenges along this trimester and they were:

  • Starting using ICT in the process;
  • Students collaborating;
  • Students discovering Math relations based on guidelines;
  • Students organizing materials and learning how to create a digital book;
  • Solving problems…

There were a lot of other challenges, but those were the first. See some of the work.

In October was time to start working with computers and learning with a partner. They started to discovering geometry relations on angles and measured them. Started do discovering how Kodu works and give first steps on coding. In the middle they started to solve Math logical problems.

In November they continue to discover relations on triangles. And relations on Numbers… Prime numbers and other things. This time they used Geogebra and Excel to test and compiled information. OneNote was again used to complete Geometry book.

Hour of Code!


December was another exiting moth. Students continues to discover relations on maths and participated on One Hour of Code World event.








#Skypeathon – The world event

Como embaixador da KoduKup Portugal desafio os professores que participam na iniciativa do #Coding com #kodu a participar no #Skypeathon. O objetivo é ser uma sessão informal que permita dar a conhecer aos professores uma ótima ferramenta de comunicação e aos alunos a possibilidade de participar de forma ativa numa conversa pelo #Skype. A sessão será na 5ª feira (3 de dezembeo) das 13h30 às 15h00!
Como deve fazer? Fácil, bskypeasta ter uma conta Skype, registar-se na Microsoft Educator Comunnity (aqui) e procurar-me. Finalmente basta clicar em Request Session on Add on Skype!

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