Minecraft in Math class!

Many of us, math teachers, discuss how we can work with our students on certain mathematical content. The demands of the curricular goals, the formality and the distance that they can have to reality are challenges that we must overcome.

It is not the purpose of this publication to talk about this subject, but I share with you an activity that I developed with my students from Instituto dos Pupilos do Exército. You will be able to verify the students’ involvement in the whole process and their willingness to be in the classroom and learn math.

The goal was simple, recreating three quadrangular pyramids of the Gizé pyramid complex in Minecraft.

How was this work developed?

The pyramids of Keops, Kephren and Snefru are the three largest pyramids in height and students would have to recreate them in Minecraft. But how did they proceed? This is the stage where the work has moved into the working groups.

After studying the construction of the pyramids, checking the shape of the base, knowing the length of the sides and height, it was necessary to make some calculations. If each block in Minecraft actually corresponded to 2.7 meters, how many blocks would it take to form the base? Done the calculations and the respective roundings began the constructions.

They verified that for the pyramid of Kéops, whose base has 230 x 230 meters, they would have to put 85,2 blocks (230: 2,7 = 85,2) and that rounded to the unit would correspond to 85 blocks. In total, filling the base of the Keops pyramid, it was required to have 7225 cubes which corresponds to the 852.

At the end they found the following values:

 This activity was included in the subject Proportions / Direct Proportionality and allowed to revise the basic mathematical relations.

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