Sway, a revolutionary app?



The technological world advances on ultrasonic speed.

This phrase, applied over the past few years, and repeated over and over, continues to be a good reference to the rapid technological evolution.

Through time online world businesses are looking to stimulate users with new APP ´ s. Today I will speak of one, SWAY.

For some people it still an unknown tool, for others it is an online application that has generated a lot of interest. In a very easy way you can create a web presentation where you can talk and share your stories, travels, interactive reports, or Newsletters.

This set of potential is more enriched by the possibility that gives to include text, pictures, videos from our pc, Onedrive or Youtube, tweets, Charts, and OneNote notes. But, it seems to me that other great improvements are coming. In my view the panoply of sources where we can get content will increase, as the App itself has evolved over time.

One of the curious aspects of Sway is related to the fact that, when searching the contents that we want to add to our presentation, the Sway uses photos of Bing and the results presented are tags with Creative Commons licenses.

But it will be as simple as creating a presentation? To create stories (structure and navigation level) the App already offers several pre-designed templates. The structure is customizable and also browsing, however, still limited to three ways.

What I said is very good, but it gets better. The App allows multiple people can edit the Sway as Co-authors, for example I can cowork with another person in the other side of the world. Isn´t amazing? It’s easily shareable (directly on the site to social networks, for example) and follows the Continuum logic that you see on your PC, the smartphone or a tablet.

The application of Sway in education context has its potential. I’ve used with students of 10 years and liked the way it is easy to use, easy to create and share.

An example:

Final evaluation  – a good App for education, it’s so worth it!bingtranslator


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